An air purifier is a machine which is designed to circulate the air and rid the air of all irritants and pollutants such as microbes, allergens, pet dander and so on. However, fresh air is something that you should get to enjoy as time goes own.

If you make use of an air purifier or you are considering getting one, you may have come across an activated carbon filter. Considering the variety of choices of air purifier filters which you can choose from, you may fail to understand what the benefit of an activated carbon filter is.

Don’t let the size of the filters fool you, they can still be quite effective tools. The filters are quite clever and are very good at dealing with allergens and different harsh pollutants such as odor and tastes. They make use of absorption to eliminate the different impurities in the air.

This means what you have is simply fresh air. The carbon filters are very useful but let’s take a closer look at activated carbon filter.

Here is a very good look at the effectiveness and functions of these carbon filters in improving your air quality.

Activate carbon filter are simply small pieces of carbon which are produced in granular or powdered block form. These carbon filters are designed to be very porous. Activated carbon has a high degree of microporosity, this means that 1 gram of activated carbon can have a surface area of 3000m2 or higher.

This wide surface area allows the carbon filters to easily absorb different contaminants and allergens. The activated carbon is more effective at cleaning the air than traditional carbon.

Adsorption is a very distinct process in which the organic compounds in the air or water react chemically with the activated carbon. When these particles or organic compounds have reacted with the carbon, they end up sticking to the filter.

For activated carbon filters, they are designed to have a high degree of porosity. The more porous the activated carbon is, the more contaminants it will capture. The filters are often applied in air purifiers to eliminate toxic compounds and particles from the air.

How Would I Benefit From an Activated Carbon Filter?

There are a lot of benefits concerning the use of the activated carbon filter. The carbon filter is oftentimes used with other filters or other purification technology but it is still very effective. These purifiers can be used to eliminate harmful substances from the air that could pose a risk to your health.

As mentioned earlier, activated carbon filters can be used with HEPA filters. They are often used to deal with allergens and impurities such as:

  • Dust
  • Lint
  • Mold Spores
  • Smoke
  • Pet hair
  • Common household chemicals
  • Benzene and other VOCs

Carbon filters are very effective in the elimination of unpleasant odors from your home. Whenever an activated carbon filter is used with different types of HEPA filters, it can trap about 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns and other larger particles.

Activated carbon filters can be very useful to anyone who suffers from allergies or any health condition related to impure air such as smoke. If you live with a cloud of smoke or if you are a smoker yourself, making use of an activated carbon filter in your home can be very beneficial. I will work in hand with the HEPA filter to provide you with very fresh air that is beneficial to your respiratory system.

How do Activated Carbon Filters Work?

The working mechanism of an activated carbon filter may sound difficult but it is straightforward. Despite the use of chemical reactions infiltration, the whole process is very simple.

Activated carbon is often found in thick or thin packets depending on the type of purifier. This packet is then inserted into the purifier.

Unclean air gets into the air purifier and passes through the active carbon. In the active carbon, the different particles undergo adsorption and the air leaving the filter will be cleaner.

When used with a HEPA filter, the activated carbon will then work to eliminate different large particles. This will make the HEPA filter to work better and longer.

Are all Activated Carbon Filters the Same?

All activated carbon filters are known to be better at removing different air pollutants. They are known to be much more effective than carbon filters. Different filters contain more activated carbon than others.

The level of active carbon in the filter can influence the effectiveness of the filter. The more activated carbon in a filter, the more contaminants it will catch and the faster it will absorb.

Also, high levels of activated carbon present in a filter will improve the lifespan of the filter. You will need to replace the filter only a few times and it will give you clean air for longer periods of time. Another factor that affects the effectiveness of the filter is the size of activated carbon particles.

Often times, smaller particles are known to have a very fast adsorption rate. Special types of carbon filters like the filters used in Blueair air purifiers are treated with other compounds such as magnesium dioxide and copper oxide.

These extra compounds make it possible for the filter to deal with even the most toxic of substances such as carbon monoxide, ethylene oxide, and ozone. Certain types of activated carbon filters are better at reducing the growth of bacteria over time.

Activated carbon filters can be a very good addition to any air purification system. They can either be used as lone filters or with other types of filters to produce better results for your home.

When used with other filters such as HEPA filter, the number of impurities in the home is greatly reduced. It doesn’t matter the kind of model chosen, basic or advanced, you can breathe better with the use of an activated carbon filter.