By now, you must surely have heard about an air purifier and the good work which it does to clean the air in our home. If you haven’t heard about an air purifier, let’s give you a little insight into the working of an air purifier.

Making use of an air purifier in your home is much more than just eliminating dust. The air we take into our bodies is filled with a lot of pollutants. These pollutants include dust, dander, pollen, gas, chemicals and other particles. Dust is just a part of the airborne particles which present a hazard for humans. It is quite clear that humans can see very small particles or any particles under 25 microns.

However, the presence of a very good air purifier can help to deal with particles as small as 1/3 of a micron. Any person suffering from any cases of airborne allergies may find a purifier very useful. Also, if you live with smoke or you live around an industrial or chemical-intensive commercial area, you may often times have the air in your home polluted by different contaminant from outside.

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The use of an air purifier will allow homeowners to experience clear differences in air quality. The air purifier is also a very good solution if someone in your house decides to get a pet but you are asthmatic from contact with animal dander. Asthma affects a lot of people. It is currently known to affect 24 million adults and children living in the United States. That is a pretty high figure considering the seriousness of the health condition. Asthma is a chronic respiratory condition which is often times caused by an allergic reaction. However, the effect of asthma caused by allergens can be alleviated with the use of an air purifier.

As the polluted air gets into the air purifier, the different pollutants, irritants, and contaminants get trapped. Then the air purifier releases fresh air into your home. This fresh air would transform your home and ensure that you now live a healthier life.

Different tips for making use of an Air Purifier

Now, you have heard about the air purifier and all its numerous benefits. It sure seems like a device which everybody must get into their house. Maybe you have also been able to identify the best air purifier for your home but that isn’t just enough.

The best air purifiers require the right level of application for impressive results. However, getting an air purifier also doesn’t just mean miraculous results. There is a certain way which air purifiers are to be used to guarantee optimal results.

To get the best out of your air purifier, take note of the following tips:

Choose the Best Location

Air purifiers do a very important job. They need some breathing space to operate and do their job effectively. When deciding on where to keep the air purifier, keep one thing in mind, air circulation.

The air purifier cleans the air by cycling the air in and out of its filters. Make sure you keep the purifier when the air would easily get to it. Also, make sure there is some amount of space at the top and the four sides of the purifier are not obstructed. Purifiers also come in different sizes.

Make sure the size of purifier you purchased is the right size that can easily be placed into your room.

Point the Flow in the Right Direction

The direction of the air flow is really important. Certain areas in the home need to clean up faster than others and these areas are determined by the flow of air. If you live in a very large apartment, make sure the flow of clean air in your room is directed somewhere nearby. This is where you will get the best and cleanest supply of air.

However, if you live in a small room, this would not be important as all the purified air will easily circulate around the whole room.

Don’t Turn the air purifier off

This tip is considered to be very important for people who live with smoke or those suffering from air-related health conditions such as allergies, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses.

Air purifiers are now being designed to conserve a lot of energy. This means you should have no problem leaving it on. Leave the air purifier on and let it continuously work to keep the air in the home at a very good quality.

It is easier to continuously clean the air than to have to clean the air in the room all over again.

Try to keep your windows and doors closed

It is impossible for an air purifier to clean the air outdoors. Just like when using an air conditioning unit, the unit works best when the air in the home is restricted from external interference and pollution.

Increase the effectiveness of the air purifier by sealing the room. Sealing the room would also mean that you get to trap the purifier air in the room and keep it from escaping.

Change Filters Regularly

Be sure to read and take note of the manufacturer’s recommendations in taking care of your air purifier. The air purifier works by using its filters to clean the air. However, the HEPA and carbon filters in the air purifier need to be constantly replaced. if you are making use of a washable filter, try to have it clean every 10 days.

The air purifier can only work effectively when it is clean. If it is clogged with contaminants and pollutants, the machine simply becomes useless.

With the presence of an air purifier in the home, you will get to live comfortably because of the improved air quality. It is also important to choose the right type of air purifier from the variety of options found in the market.

After the purchase, you need to learn how to use it. Different tips to make the use of your air purifier more effective have been listed above. Take note of them and embrace healthy living.