The 21st century has presented us with many helpful devices. A lot of them have come and have alleviated man from his troubles. Some have even been tagged as solution providers for age-long problems. Truly, there has been a lot of success behind different electronic devices.

During recent years, the air purifier has gained a lot of prominence as one of the top electronic devices. It has been seen to be one of the best home appliances. Its numerous applications have also made it a top choice for different homes.

Do Air Purifiers really work?

In simple words, Yes they do work well in removing pollutants, allergens, pet odor, airborne particles, dust and many more impurities from the air, thus giving us healthier and cleaner air.

However, despite the increased popularity of the electronic device, there are still a lot of question marks about its efficiency. Answering the question about the effectiveness and efficiency of air purifiers will help you to decide whether to add the electronic device to your home or not.

In order to properly answer the question, it is important to note that the air in our homes is almost 5 times as polluted as the air you would find outside. This information was disclosed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

The reasons behind this characteristically poor air condition are numerous. However, some of these reasons include poor ventilation, chemicals contained in household cleaners, mold spores, bacteria, and allergens that get tracked inside.

The air purifier helps you to get rid of all the bad airborne contaminants and pollutants. Most of the air purifiers in the market make use of two major working mechanisms. These working mechanisms include:

  • The use of a HEPA filter. The HEPA filter is a working mechanism which helps to suck in air particles and trap them to prevent any recontamination.
  • The use of an Ionic generator. The ionic generator produces negatively charged ions. These ions are then released into the air where they get attracted to toxic materials and eliminate them from the air.

Air purifiers which make use of HEPA filters are able to capture about 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. These particles include most allergens, bacteria and viruses.

Any air purifier which operates based on an ionic generator purifies the air in a different way. This purifier eliminates pollutants from the air and causes them to drop to the floor. These pollutants are then vacuumed. Certain ionizers which make use of any electrostatic collection from one plate to another to get these toxins.

It doesn’t matter the type of air purifier which you spend your money on, both of them are designed to clean the air. In the removal of harmful air particles, these contaminants are removed from the air and can’t get back into the respiratory system. The lesser the number of contaminants which you inhale, the healthier your life.

Air purifiers are not a waste of money. An air purifier would definitely not be a bad investment if you need cleaner air in your house.

Do I need Air Purifier?

Do you really need an air purifier?

The answer to this question depends on certain factors. For certain people, the air purifier is a device which guarantees better health. However, for certain people, it doesn’t produce enough benefits.

The question of efficiency of the air purifier has been dealt with and the information in the next parts of the article will help you decide if you should invest in an air purifier.

You should look at getting an air purifier if you are like a lot of other American citizens who suffer from allergies and asthma. About 50 million people in the US suffer from allergies and asthma. There would be a noticeable amount of relief with the use of an air purifier.  Any person who easily gets sick or is prone to diseases should look at getting an air purifier. The air purifier will help to trap contaminants in the air that lead to sicknesses.

If you are also a person who desires to stay free from airborne toxins and you want to ensure optimum health in the home. The air purifier is very helpful for this.

However, if you do not have any condition related to those listed above, you should ignore getting an air purifier. The truth is that getting it would be a nice addition but there would be no noticeable changes in your health. If you’re not affected by allergens and contaminant, the air purifier would basically be a luxury.

I hope the information in this article has informed you about the basic things about air purifiers and has helped you decide if you should get one or not. There is a lot of benefits to enjoy from the air purifier.

Myths about Air Purifiers

Despite the great working mechanism and the benefits of air purifiers, there are a lot of myths about the air purifier. A lot of people are still oblivious about how it works. They need to clearly understand if these myths are true or not. The clarification of these myths would influence their decision to purchase the air purifier.

Let’s understand what air purifier is capable of and what it is not.

Air purifiers will eliminate dust in your home forever

A lot of people feel that having an air purifier will help you eliminate dust from all the surfaces of your furniture. They feel the air purifier would mean that they never have to dust again.

If that was the case, the air purifier would produce a lot of noise and would have to be very powerful. Even when the fan is so powerful, it would lead to a dust storm in the house. The dust storm would be very detrimental for anyone suffering from allergies. This means that you’ll need a very effective HEPA vacuum cleaner to keep your furniture and floors from any dust.

If you have allergies, air purifiers are a very quick fix and the whole problem will be solved.

An air purifier may be just a part of the allergy control scheme. The real problem is that certain allergens are quite heavy and fall out of the air very fast. The allergens would keep falling from the air and the air purifier would be unable to catch the allergens. Even when using an air purifier, you should make sure that you clean up regularly and that you rearrange your living space to eliminate any presence of allergies. You may even require the use of a relief product or steam cleaner to deal with tougher types of allergens.

Air purifiers will deal with odors and eliminate the need for any housekeeping.

A lot of people think that having an air purifier would mean that they are free to have pieces of dirt litter their house. They would feel it normal to empty the cart little, leave different dirty clothes around the house or fail to empty the trashcan for a very long time. They expect the air purifier to do all the work.

Air purifiers are only useful against odors that have a high carbon concentration. However, it is better to practice good hygiene to make the work of the air purifier easier.

If an air purifier has a HEPA filter in it, it must do a good job

The simple truth about air purifiers is that the presence of a HEPA filter doesn’t determine the efficiency of its operation. The HEPA filter is a very nice feature of any air purifier. There are different filters that vary according to their size and the quality of the material in them and are many other features that contribute to the efficiency of an air purifier. This means that the HEPA filter is not a shortcut to technical efficiency.

If you have dust mite allergies, your first solution should be an air purifier

This is far from the truth. The first thing you need to purchase for anyone suffering from dust mites would be dust mite covers for the bedding. These would prevent the formation of dust mites in warm areas.

The air purifier is only effective about dust mite fragments that have gotten into the air.

If you have allergies, avoid opening your windows

This is also far from the truth. It doesn’t matter if you have allergies; you need a fresh amount of air daily. If you don’t have an automatic fresh air exchanger, make sure you open the windows at least for an hour daily. You can then let the purifier work after this.

Air purifiers with HEPA filters remove odors

HEPA filters aren’t designed to trap odor. They are designed to trap airborne particles. Odors can only be removed if you are making use of an air purifier which has a carbon filter.

The speed you run your air purifier doesn’t affect results

This is quite a big misconception. Consumers most times run their purifiers at very low speed to prevent fan noise. However, these people do not realize that their action reduces the square footage of the air purifier. It would reduce the efficiency of the air purifier.

If you don’t choose an air purifier that can run at very high speed without much noise, then you should make sure to turn it to the highest some hours before bed. After that, you can turn it down for the night.

All air purifiers can eliminate tobacco smoke

The basic function of an air purifier would be to eliminate the particles in the air. It also eliminates the air left in the air after smoking. A lot of air purifiers have been specially designed to deal with air particles, odor and toxic gases. However, some of them are not able to do it.

Air purifiers eliminate all viruses and germs

Despite the fact that certain air purifiers have been designed to contain UV light. There are some misleading claims about air purifiers that are often advertised. In a lot of air purifiers, there is always a short amount of time for the allergens to pass through the UV light.

However, this amount of time is not enough to kill them. Only very few air purifiers have very good HEPA filters that can capture viruses or sterilizers which will kill pathogens.

Do Air Purifiers really work? Yes, they do. They are very effective and produce some very helpful results. However, you have to get the right type of purifier and ensure you have the right type of application.

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