Air purifiers are very popular and commonly used all around the world. Their popularity and demand have brought about a rapid invention of air purifiers that satisfy various wants and needs of consumers by many brands and companies. This influx of air purifiers into the market is not necessarily a positive thing, especially with the abundance of imitations. Purchasing a product which promises cleaner, fresher air, to consumers which are free from molds, spores, dust, bacteria, pet dander, odor, etc. Many consumers tend to purchase any air purifier they see without adequately researching the features and effectiveness of the different available products. Different purifiers exist and they each vary in terms of effectiveness which can only be observed when it is in operation. Some air purifiers possess excellent qualities due to the combination of different features by the company making it. This combination normally results in very efficient, reliable and cutting edge machines.

One of the most efficient air purifier in the market at the moment is the GermGuardian AC4825 22” 3-in-1 full room air purifier. This air purifier is perfect for allergy sufferers and will start improving indoor air quality the moment it is powered on. It is AHAM verified. This means that the air cleaner’s CADR has been independently tested for its ability to eliminate pollen, dust, smoke, particles and it is recommended for room sizes based on the CADR calculations. It is 22 inches in height and also possesses 3-speed settings. It is more efficient when used in 167 sq. ft. Room. Its filters circulate air over 4 times per hour.

It’s CADR Dust (118), pollen (125), smoke (108). 99.97 percent of allergens are tackled by the HEPA filter and particles as small as 0.3 microns like household cooking particles, plant pollen, mole spores, and pet dander are also captured and eliminated. The UV-C light feature works with Titanium Dioxide to lower airborne viruses, bacteria and even fungi which helps to further clean and protect your indoor air.

This machine has undergone strict energy guidelines set by the US EPA and has earned an energy star. It also has the wonderful filter replacement indicator that tells you when your filter needs to be taken out and replaced by a new one. Filter replacements normally take 6-8 months. To expand your filter’s lifespan, a four pack of the carbon filter is available online and in local electronic stores near you. Guardian technology offers replacement parts to maintain product performance with a three-year manufacturer warranty.

Features & Details

  • AIR PURIFIER FOR ALLERGIES AND PETS: 99.97 percent of allergens as little as 3 microns like pollens, pet dander, and dust are captured and eliminated by this machines HEPA filter.
  • AIR PURIFIER FOR MOLD AND GERMS: The optional UV-C light technology performs with the help of Titanium Dioxide to lower the bacteria, viruses, and germs that reduce indoor air quality.
  • AIR PURIFIER FOR SMOKE: different filers like the charcoal filter reduce common odors from smoking, cooking, wildfire smoke or even smoke from fireplaces.
  • FILTER REPLACEMENT INDICATOR: 6-8 months is the maximum time a filter should be left in an air purifier without change. Although, this is dependent on the amount of usage of the product.
  • ROOM SQUARE FOOT COVERAGE: this machine will purifier all the air contained in a room of about 167 sq. ft. And nothing more.
  • 3 FANS SPEED SETTINGS: Users have the option of picking from three fan speed settings to fit his/her desire.
  • HEIGHT: with a height of 22 inches, the GermGuardian AC4825 22” can be placed any and everywhere indoors. It takes up little or no space from a room and is very portable.
  • AHAM VERIFIED AND ENERGY STAR CERTIFIED AIR CLEANER: Only the best-performing products are released into the market after being tested by AHAM and Energy Star.

Places It Can Be Used

  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Family Rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Dining Rooms
  • Offices

Ideal Usage

  • Relieving seasonal allergies.
  • People are sensitive to air quality.
  • Eliminate smoke, dust, and odor.

Ideal Users

  • Office workers
  • Families
  • Pet owners
  • Smokers


  • 3-in-1 HEPA filter type.
  • Powerful UV-C sanitizer.
  • 3 fan speed settings.
  • 167 sq. ft. Coverage.
  • CADR Smoke of 108.
  • CADR Pollen of 125.
  • CADR dust of 118.
  • Energy Star certification.
  • Weight of 7 pounds.
  • Ships and delivers internationally.
  • Warranty of 3 years.
  • Quietly runs at day and night.
  • Filter replacement indicator


  • This machine does not have the feature of the washable filter. Its filter needs to be changed after every 6-8 months which can be considered expensive and difficult to maintain by many users.
  • It emits little amounts of ozone into the environment as it tries to eliminate dust, mold, pollen, bacteria, odor, pet dander, etc from your indoor environment to keep it safe for inhabiting.
  • Not compatible with large rooms. It doesn’t function effectively in large rooms. The air quality of the room will be inconsistent because of poor air flow.

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The GermGuardian AC4825 22 is a completely reliable and high performing machine that ensures its users enjoy the best quality of fresh, clean and safe air. It possesses all features it promises when purchased and even when operated and found wanting, it can be returned because of the warranty that covers it.