A lot of dangerous things are out there can sneak up and kill people, most especially in this modern era of individuality and self-preservation. Everyone is doing their best to keep themselves alive, using every new and enhanced technology or remedy to protect their household and their lives from danger. Inventors and scientists are trying their best to create new machines that satisfy this growing need. As years past, progress was made and technologies like air purifiers, water filters, microwaves, etc were made and released into the economy.

Among the most efficient air purifiers available in the market is the Levoit LV-H132 Air Purifier. This machine basically has every possible feature of a top air purifier. The machine comes from a reliable and top-notch brand and is trusted for its air cleaning capabilities. The machine is designed to fit into different types of home environments. It is designed to capture and trap dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, mold spores with True HEPA filter. It is an air purifier with optional night light, US-120V, 2 years warranty; it is ensured to take care of all the purifying needs of your indoor environment.

The Levoit LV-H132 air purifier is a cutting edge technology that operates anywhere, whether in your living room, in a trailer, atop a cupboard, or right next to you in your home office, toilet, etc. It offers the option of choosing from a low, medium, high fan speed setting, giving its user more fan speed choices than other air purifiers in the market. A three-stage filtration system (Fine preliminary, True HEPA, and Activated Carbon filters) destroys 99.97 percent of particles and odors, leaving only safe and clean air for respiration.


  • 2-year warranty (with a free option to extend it by 1 more year) and lifetime support; CARB, ETL and FCC-approved status.
  • Speed setting of 3 stages (low, medium, and high) which provides various options from different conditions.
  • No remote control
  • It is 100% ozone emitting free. Does not make use of UV or ions that produce trace amounts of measurable ozone -a harmful air pollutant.
  • Quiet to noiseless operation. At night it emits a soft night light with two brightness setting option.
  • It destroys 99.97 percent of contaminants such as dust, smoke, pollen, pet dander, mold spore, odor, etc with its 3 stages of filtration system: Pre-filter, True filter, and Activated Carbon filter. Particles as small as 0.3 microns and larger are easily filtered. Air pollutions of 2.2 PM are also filtered.
  • Possesses a unique size and contemporary design that allows it to fit perfectly in small spaces. It can also be a perfect gift to a family member, friend or loved one.
  • Installable integrated filters: Customers enjoy affordable, reliable, and replaceable integrated filter sets which are easy to find and install. These filters can last for 6-8 months before the change is needed.
  • No assembling needed.
  • It’s very easy to operate and handle.
  • Has two pieces which mean double efficiency.
  • The Affordable Replacement Filter Enjoys High Customer Satisfaction

Places It Can Be Used

  • Small rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Dining Rooms
  • Offices

Ideal Usage

  • Relieving seasonal allergies.
  • People sensitive to air quality.
  • Eliminate smoke, dust, and odor.

Ideal Users

  • Office workers
  • Families
  • Pet owners
  • Smokers


  • PM2.5 value display
  • It has a power supply of 120V / 60Hz
  • Possesses air quality monitor
  • Compact size.
  • Makes use of touch control
  • Auto and sleep modes are available for users
  • Preliminary filter
  • Certified by CARB, one of the strictest environmental justice program.
  • Very easy to carry around because of its light weight of 6.48 pounds
  • True HEPA/Activated Carbon filter
  • Ozone free
  • 3 different stages of speed setting
  • Does not need assembling, it comes already assembled
  • Requires no batteries
  • Covers 86 sq. ft.
  • Night light with two brightness settings


  • Power Supply (Only): AC 120V / 60Hz. (A voltage converter is needed to transfer the supply to US use first if you want to use this air purifier outside the US).
  • Need to replace new filters after 6-8 months, instead of the preferred washable filters.
  • The two pieces of hardware increase the weight of the product, making its portability reduces. It is only available in color whites which prevent the consumer from fully utilizing his/her choices.
  • Its coverage space is not improved by the two pack feature. Even when both are turned on, they can’t cover up to 1000 square feet.


  • Please always ensure you check the filter’s color to relieve your concern on whether the device is purifying the air or not.
  • Always allow 15 in. (38 cm) of clearance on all sides of the purifier.
  • Keep away from children below the age of three.

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The Levoit LV-H132 Air Purifier (White) is a very effective machine and it lives up to its expectations, standard, and features. It tackles the issue of indoor pollution on a very high scale as well as protects family members and loved ones from diseases. It is highly recommended as a must-have in homes and offices.