There are several products in the market that appeal to consumers because they offer different features, but the trick is finding one amongst many that are true to the features written on its online page or box if shopping in physical stores. A top-notch air purifier must be equipped with high-tech filters, smart sensors, sleep mode, etc just like the powerful Levoit LV-PUR131 is.

Levoit is a company popularly known for their air purifier manufacturing abilities. One of their latest inventions is LV-PUR131. This machine is a cutting edge product recently developed by Levoit in 2017. It tackles lingering odors around and in the house, including smoke, pet dander, cooking smells, dust, molds, mites, etc with features such as a True HEPA filter.

The air purifier makes use of a three-stage filtration system that includes True HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air), pre-filter, and Activated Carbon Filters to eradicate 99.97 percent of bacteria and contaminants. It is very adequate in dealing with seasonal allergies, making people who are sensitive to air quality comfortable as a result of its effective provision of clean and fresh air indoors. With an amazing 135+ CADR rating, this device will reliably keep your household safe, especially with its coverage space of 322 sq. ft. This large amount of coverage lets the user have an option of using the LV-PUR131 air purifier in any space he desires as long as it is indoors.

It is also certified by two pronounce environmental justice organizations, Energy star and CADR because of its intuitive design. This machine possesses a True HEPA intuitive touch control panel which makes it easier to set up and use. It even gives its user the option to choose from three fan speeds and a timer of up to 12 hours to provide clean air into your household. Another great addition to this design is the sleep mode. The sleep mode allows the user to sleep to have a good night rest while the purifier provides clean air quietly.

Features & Details

  • Designed specifically to emit 100 percent ozone-free air. The use of UV or Ion which is produced during the purification of air by purifiers is totally frowned upon in Levoit. Ozone is an important gas in our atmosphere, but if inhaled by humans it may cause serious health complications.
  • Smart sensors are used for the auto mode to indicate the environment air quality, automatically.
  • The lowest setting of sleep mode sets the air purifier to produce fresh air as you sleep, without producing disturbing sounds. To improve your sleep time experience, set the auto-off timer and optional LED display to protect your respiration system while you sleep.
  • 0ne year warranty (with a free option to extend it by one more year). The filter should be replaced every 6 months and is available for purchase online and in your near-by electronic stores. Depending on your usage, the filter might need to be changed soon or later than 6 months.
  • 3 stage filtration system: Pre-filter, True HEPA filter, and Activated Carbon filter. These filters ensure 99.97 percent of pollen, pet dander, odor, dust, smoke and mole spores as small as 0.3 microns and bigger air particles of PM 2.5 are eliminated.
  • Coverage of up to 322 sq. ft. (30 m. sq.); CADR rating of 135+ CFM (233 m. Cube per hour).
  • Energy Star-certified, CADR, FCC and CE-approved. This machine has gone through a strict evaluation and has been considered to be qualified enough to be released into the market.
  • Lowest noise level of 27dB.

Operational Conditions

  • Temperatures ranges to 10 degree Celsius – 55 degree Celsius (14 oF – 131 oF)
  • Standby power: Greater than 0.8W.

Places it can be used

  • Bedroom
  • Living Room
  • Offices

Ideal Usage

  • Relieving seasonal allergies.
  • People sensitive to air quality.
  • Eliminate smoke, dust and odor.

Ideal Users

  • Pet owners
  • Smokers
  • Family with children and elders


  • The power supply of AC 120V / 60Hz (A voltage converter is needed to transfer the power supply).
  • Air quality indicator.
  • Auto and sleep modes.
  • Touch control method.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • PM 2.5 Value display.
  • 1 HEPA air filter.
  • 1 Activated Carbon filter.
  • 1 True HEPA/Fine Preliminary filter.
  • Noise level of 27dB.
  • CADR: 230 M cube per hour (135CFM)
  • No batteries required
  • Affordable


  • It is quite weighty. With the weight of 15.8 Pounds
  • A washable filter is not a feature of this machine. Some consumers will deem it expensive to maintain.


  • The back cover of the machine must be placed on the unit in order to power on the device.
  • Changing the filter after 6 months is very necessary.
  • Remove the plastic bag of the filter before running the air purifier.

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If you enjoy the fresh air outdoors, I doubt the case for indoors would be any different. Levoit LV-PUR131 is a perfect machine that delivers its promised ability to protect you and your household from dust, smoke, germ, odor, pet dander and every other substance that might contaminate and lower your indoor air quality. Whether you are working at home, in an office, curled up at night, you shouldn’t have to give a second thought to the air you breathe. Let LV-PUR131 take care of your dust, bacteria and allergen issues for you.

Relax, breathe and live easier and better.